Advanced AutoCAD Solar PV Design


Lesson 1 – Solar Engineering Designs and Drawings

Introduction to the course, types of designs and their applications

Lesson 2 – Project Inputs, Deliverables and Applicable Codes

Understanding the geographical location, equipment selection, information to collect during site visits, client deliverables, nature of codes and standards, and the permit/approval process of the AHJ.

Lesson 3 – CAD File Structure and Management

Advanced CAD commands, CAD File management, design package structure, advanced usage of blocks and layers

Lesson 4 – Understanding Project Plan-Sets

The definition, importance, parts, and applications of a plan-set

Lesson 5 – Segmenting the Project Files

Segmenting a cover sheet, site plan, marking obstructions and setbacks, array/module layout, PV equipment plan, Fire access plan, operations and maintenance plan.

Lesson 6 – Creating the General Site Plan
Drawing the cover sheet and general site plan.

Lesson 7 – Creating the Electrical Site Plan and Equipment Plan
Drawing the electrical site plan, PV equipment placement, conduit routes, string layout, point of interconnection details, and a

Lesson 8 – Detailing the Site Plan
Drawing Electrical and Grounding details, data links – wire schedules, labels, placards and inserting equipment data sheet.

Lesson 9 – Case Study
A detailed CAD walk-through of 5KWDC Roof-Top residential permit ready planset using micro inverters.
Location: Atwater, California 

Lesson 10 – Case Study
A detailed CAD walk-through of 3MWDC groundmount commerical contruction-read planset using Central Inverter.
Location: Boring, Oregon

Lesson 11 – Case Study
A Detailed CAD walk-through of 216KWDC community carport as-built planset using String Inverters.
Location: Gustine, California

Lesson 12 – Quality Check and Revision Control
Internal quality approval and quality checks, client reviews, and controlling the number of revisions.

  • Practice Case Studies
  • Final Case Study
  • Feedback and Certificate of Completion